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Talk to your
greatest fans,
via text.

Make money on subscriptions,
and start private conversations that matter.


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Many creators started meaningful conversations on text with PropagateAt.
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Substack meets SMS.

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Text me at +1 (415) 305 - 4013

Get your own,
”Hey, Text Me!” phrase.

Tell everyone to text you at a number so that they can subscribe to your SMS newsletter! If you do a paid newsletter, then your fans will receive a paying link after they contact you.


Your subscribers can pay you.

Your fans can choose to pay to subscribe to your SMS newsletter.

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    Recurring payments.

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    You keep 85% of every transaction.

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    Get a new
    phone number.

    We can give you a new phone number. Just for you, all for you!

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    +1 United States.

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    Costs $1/mo.

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    Talk to your fans like you do on iMessage.

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    In-app replies.

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    Engaging conversations with paid subscribers.

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    Widgets to put on your website.

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    Interactive iframes.

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    Clean embed code.

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    Pro Developer API.

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    Why text?

    Why just SMS?
    I can do this with email too, right?

    92% open rate

    Open rate
    92% & above

    Have your messages seen. Open rates are crucial.

    No fake talk

    No fake talk,
    real, personal conversations

    Trust me, it’s gold.

    No social media chaos

    Bust the stress of likes & RTs

    Social Media is chaos. Texting with fans, is your personal happy space.

    Best for notifications

    Best way to notify the masses!

    Small, Quick & Easy.

    Send hot takes

    Send hot takes, new recipes, talk to fans & earn!

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    We won’t earn, unless you do. And so, we provide a generous free tier of 1000 messages per month. You can always offset what you pay us, by getting paid subscribers.

    Monthly Free


    For starters

    Unlimited Subscribers
    1000 messages per month
    Subscribe Widget

    Monthly Hobby


    For more use

    Unlimited Subscribers
    10k messages per month
    Developer API

    Monthly Pro


    For elites

    Unlimited Subscribers
    60k messages per month
    Developer API Plus image


    Per text message
    you send and receive

    for a United States number

    Frequently asked questions

    Can I integrate PropagateAt with my system?

    Hell yes, you can. We provide a robust Developer API that you can use to simply integrate your operations with PropagateAt, seamlessly.

    Can you see the conversations that happen via your app?

    No, we can’t. We have string encryption setup in place, to make things more secure.

    Here’s our Privacy Policy.

    How can subscribers unsubscribe?

    Yes, a subscriber can unsubscribe from your newsletter easily. The subscriber will have to text you CANCEL and their subscription will be cancelled.

    Will an unsubscribed subscriber get a refund?

    No, but it kinda depends. If the subscriber is a paid monthly subscriber, their future scheduled subscriptions will be cancelled after they unsubscribe. But their current ongoing subscription cannot be refunded. If you want to refund some subscriber, you may choose to do it manually.

    Can I send images (MMS) too?

    Yes, you can. (Currently, this feature is in beta, but you can get to try the feature out, if requested.) Sending an MMS costs $0.0200 and receiving it will cost you $0.0100 per message. So, if you have an MMS Newsletter, then offset this price increase by increasing your newsletter subscription cost.

    Do you provide chat support?

    Yes, we do. In the bottom right of your dashboard, you should see a 'Chat' icon, you can always get support there. Support requests typically get answered within one business day. Please login before you start chatting. We can also provide you support over email, hey[at] Support is free of cost.

    Who tf uses SMS? Are you living in what? 2003?

    I understand, if you are somewhere from eastern EU or Asia, texting with SMS is rare there because WhatsApp’s popularity.
    In the states, however, texting is used on a huge scale. So huge, that underrating it could be a huge mistake.

    Read Why You Need To Have An SMS Newsletter.

    Can I send more than 60K messages per month?

    You may get the unlimited messages plan if you email us at hey[at] Tell us your needs and we will draft an invoice as needed.

    Approximately, it costs $99 per month plus $2 for every thousand messages you send.

    This plan will be affordable for you only if you have enough paid subscribers to sustain the growth and cost.

    This platform is currently exclusive to invited content creators only.

    If you want to get exclusive access, apply here!

    (takes 2 minutes)